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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

First Choice Roofing believes that your home is your haven. A sanctuary for your house, your families, your memories, and the material items that are valuable to you. Our objective is to ensure that these sentimental items are protected from the shortcomings of a damaged roof.

Did you know a simple hail or wind storm can cause damage to your roof?

As GAF Certified Storm Inspectors, First Choice roofing can do an inspection to look for damages on your roof caused by the weather. Finding hail or wind damage does not mean that your roof is compromised. It does infer that further down the road, those damages can cause strenuous problems to the interior of your home and even your belongings.

Multiple factors go into consideration when assessing hail damage to a roof and its surroundings, such as hail size, hail density, hail shape, velocity, and direction. Our job is to decipher whether the hail damage is cosmetic or functional. Cosmetic hail impacts are visible but do not affect the integrity of the roof. On the other hand, functional damage caused by hail is more urgent, affecting the integrity and the longevity of your roof.

Upon an inspection, our storm inspectors will walk the property with you, looking for storm-related damages that may have affected areas on the ground level, such as windscreens, downspouts, siding, and garage doors. Following, we will get on your roof and examine the top domain: shingles, gutters, soft metals, and other vulnerable areas susceptible to environmental happenings.

Wind-induced damage can look like blown-off shingles or creased shingles that flap in the wind. Roofs that house a three-tab shingle are most likely to have this issue. This type of shingle lays flat on the roof and is more susceptible to wind speeds that exceed 50 mph.

To understand how hail can damage a shingle, you must first know the makeup of a shingle. The base component of an asphalt shingle is a membrane composed of fiberglass that maintains the structure of the shingle and is covered by layers of asphalt that gives the membrane its impermeability. The next layer consists of a thicker coating of asphalt that provides the membrane flexibility and protects the membrane from harsh weather. The top surface is covered in granules, where the shingle color is visible, and those granules make the shingle resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

North Carolina may not bring softball-size hail, but we do get hail ranging from the size of a quarter to a golf ball. How do these “bigger” problems develop? Hail impacts, at high speeds, knock the asphalt granules off your shingle, essentially leaving the other components underneath unprotected from weather and the South’s intense sunshine. Exposure like this can eventually lead to a melted membrane and exposure to your home, which is where those heinous interior leaks problems begin.

There are solutions to this as a homeowner, always take the safe route and have your roof inspected after every storm in order to preserve the integrity of your roof and home, giving you a little peace of mind.


Bailey Morris is the Project Manager for her family's company 1st Choice Roofing, USA. She's an avid community liaison, an ambassador with the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce, and a member of National Women in Roofing - Raleigh. In her free time, you will find Bailey working out at the gym, indulging in coffee, hanging out with family and friends, and enjoying time with her puppies.

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This week, we are taking a hard look at what's happening in the construction industry...side note we are on a mission to flip that industry upside down every which way to Sunday.

I'm sure you've heard it several times now...

"Sorry the project's delayed due to the labor shortage," or "The groundbreaking on your new house build is now going to be August of 2023 instead of August 2022."

While we believe what is happening is definitely tied into the great realignment, it also goes deeper than that. It's not just that everyone decided to be woke during the pandemic and figure out what they really wanted to do in the careers and time and jumped ship from toxic employers.

How many of you were encouraged to go to trade schools instead of university? Or encouraged your kids to go to trades schools back in the 90s/early 2000s? I am 100% a product of the "Go to college" route. And while I feel it lead me to the path I'm on now, I can't help but wonder what would have happened if I would have picked a trade or vocational training to pursue?

Did you know....

...there were over 800,000 new home builds sold nationwide in September 2021? Or that the construction industry is projected to grow by 7% between now and 2030?

So what IS contributing to this "labor shortage" and how do we fix it?

We believe it's a combination of: Lack of skilled trades, toxic company environments, and low pay for their teams, along with the massive growth more suburban areas are seeing.

We know it's a tough market, projects are delayed and backed up. The current average wait times for home renovation projects to start? 6-9 months. Right now, on average, we are scheduling projects to begin as far out as January 2023. I can't even get a contractor to put me on their cancelation list because their waitlist for that is already full.

With that being said, know that we are here to help mitigate the labor shortage challenges to the best of our ability. We strive to work with contractors who have clarity around communication in their business and the right teams in place, no underdog tricks with hiding numbers in their budgets, confidence knowing they are trustworthy and aren't going to cut corners. And we look for contractors who will see the project through to completion and not leave you hanging.


Do you have an upcoming project? We would love to talk with you about how we can help manage the details of that project. Schedule a free project call with us today!

PS.. next week we will take a break from our blog.. in observance of the 4th of July Holiday. We 100% embrace a family time here at Sonder Luxe Solutions and do our best to give ourselves and our team that balance between work and home life.

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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Home remodel projects should be fun. They shouldn't be a headache. But they also take some planning and preparation. Unless you're fully doing the all the work yourself (Which we don't recommend for the every day homeowner), coordinating a renovation project and having it organized from the get go can help mitigate costs, labor issues, scope creep and delays.

After your project is all done, you want to sit back and be able to enjoy it. Here are our top10 tips/checklist to help prep for the journey and help your project stay on time and budget.

  1. Take before pictures.

  2. List out all the updates you want to add to the space.

  3. Create a board in Pinterest or other design boards to keep all your ideas.

  4. Think about the best time of year for the project. For example plan to paint or refinish your walls when there is less rain and humidity in the air.

  5. Schedule large renovations around your vacation schedule, are you ok going down to one bathroom for a month or 2 while it gets renovated? What about cooking and utilizing your kitchen, it won't be accessible when completely overhauling it.

  6. Allow plenty of extra time for shipping. The supply chain issues and labor shortages are a big issue slowing down projects left and right. Make sure you add extra time allotments to the timeline of your project.

  7. Consult with a construction loan program if you don't have the funds saved up, you may actually have hidden equity you aren't aware of.

  8. Budget an extra 10% for contingencies and unforeseen issues that may arise.

  9. Create a space for everything that revolves around the project. Be it a digital folder on google, or hard copy folder, have one designated space to keep it organized.

  10. Get a minimum of 3 bids/quotes from 3 different general contractors or sub contractors before beginning the project. Even if you have a contractor you want to use, make sure their pricing is inline with the market and you aren't being price gouged.


If you've checked all these off your list then you're ready to start your project.

Like our content? Schedule your free project call today.

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