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Updated: Jun 28, 2022

What do you call your mistakes? Let's be honest we all make them. We are all human and mistakes are a natural part of life. It is impossible to maintain perfection 100% of the time.

I call my mistakes Lucy Moments. Yes I named my mistakes after Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy.


I've learned over the years that I can either laugh at my mistakes and use them to grow, or I can get hung up on my mistakes and lack of perfection and allow them to run my life.

When looking for people, vendors, contractors to work with, I tend to gravitate towards those that can own their mistakes and have a laugh about it.

I'm going to let you in on a pretty defining moment in my life where I had a big "Lucy Moment" aka mistake.

Many years ago when I worked for a plumbing company it was my duty to do the initial intake for customers and schedule their appointments. This customer wanted to replace her existing water heater with a larger 75g one. I took the call, schedule the appointment dispatched the plumbers etc. But I forgot to ask one very important question: What was the space size for where her new water heater was going to go? Uh Oh!

Fast forward to the plumbers arriving, and try as hard as they could but the 75g tank wouldn't fit. They had to go back to the shop pick up the smaller tank, try and return the 75g one, haul it back and then do the install.

This Lucy moment of mine ended up costing the company money, time, materials, and got me in hot water with the boss. Yikes!

But from this I also learned valuable lessons:

1. Being thorough and asking all the questions from the beginning could have saved me time and the company money.

2. I can honestly say I've NEVER made that mistake again. I stick to the measure 2x cut or install once method.

3. I actually have a pretty valuable tribe of Ethel's backing me up, encouraging me, and in some instances making these Lucy moments happen right along side me and learning with me.

You might be surprised to know, but I am on good terms with that customer and still keep in contact with her to this day and we still have a chuckle about this incident.

So what do you call your mistakes and are you ready to avoid some costly ones in your project? Schedule a free project call today Let us know in the comments.

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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Did you know that in 2021 only 36 % of remodels/renovations in the US stayed on budget?

36% on budget. WOW. Now yes there was a pandemic and inflation is certainly to blame as well. But we believe it's more than that and we're on a mission to change that. After all we all work hard for our money.

Contractors have learned that homeowners/business owners get overwhelmed with all the change orders and stop paying attention to the details, scope creep, material delays, supply chain issues and all of the sudden...your project is way over budget, running over the time planned and suddenly you're left holding the bill saying what happened?

When you are considering a remodel/renovation project ask yourself what is your time worth to you?

As project managers, we pride ourselves on:

  • vetting contractors and vendors for quality craftsmanship and punctuality

  • helping your project stay on time and on budget

  • scheduling the project from contract and design phase to completion

  • discussing change orders prior to execution

  • holding onsite meetings with key stakeholders

  • consistently communicating with homeowners and vendors.

  • meeting with inspectors so your general contractor can focus on other parts of the project

  • overseeing the budget and capture potential impacts to the budget before they happen

  • spending time researching products, materials, contractors, and locations and final finishes.

  • keeping the project organized

  • knowing who needs to be, responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed.

  • eliminating scope creep where possible.

and more.

We know Sonder Luxe Solution will change how your remodel or renovation will run and we’d love the opportunity to prove it to you, so schedule a call with us so we can help you take the risk and chaos out of your project. Here at Sonder Luxe Solutions we believe in the 3 C's approach to every project and love providing this standard to our clients.

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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

It was a nightmare!

Have you ever had flooding under your flooring, that then came up into the room through the floor? Have you spent hours trying to find a contractor to fix it, tried fixing it yourself by replacing your luxury flooring, but couldn't get to the root of the problem before it happened again?

We had a client several years ago who had this exact problem. The house, built on a downhill slope, had all the rainwater from the neighborhood rushing under it and flooding the backyard as well.

It wasn't a pretty sight to behold. There was urgency to this project to prevent further damage to the interior. It appeared that there had not been oversight to the project and previous contractors only did bandaid repairs, they did not provide a long term solution.

Sonder Luxe Solutions was hired and we vetted and hired expert contractors to create a custom solution to 100% waterproof the problem once and for all. Steps in that process looked like:

  • Interviewing Contractors

  • Requesting Bids

  • Budget management and oversight

  • Having the contractors dig to the bottom of the foundation on multiple sides of the house.

  • Resealing and waterproofing the entire foundation of the house.

  • Getting the landscaper to add French drains and other drains around the yard to help alleviate the flow of water

  • Landscaping the yard back to pretty status at the end.

  • Resealing and raising the interior flooring.

  • Rewiring electrical outlets in the floor.

  • Closing up or sealing all entry holes and cracks in the floor and foundation.

  • Removing and backfill of the drain holes in the floor.

  • Painting and touch ups

  • Raising and installing new flooring

  • Installing new doors

  • Project clean up

  • Water testing multiple times before final sign off

Just to name a few...

The best part of this project was knowing we were able to create a realistic solution without our client having to stress over the details or try and manage the whole project on their own, and they were so happy with the final result.

At Sonder Luxe Solutions, we believe if your foundation has cracks, holes, or isn't strong at some point the flood waters will enter. This applies in business, personal life, or the literal foundation of your house as in our client’s case. And that's the take away from all of this.

We can help your renovation and remodel projects not turn into a nightmare that only has bandaid fixes. We go after the long term solution.

How would you manage a project like this?






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