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Mclean Project I

Mclean, Virginia

Project Description

Our client had an issues where the water was coming up through the basement floor every time it rained, flooding a home gym, and recreational area. It took 5 skilled trades/labor to get this property back functiong the way it should be, and involved the following process.

  • Digging out the foundation about 15 feet down

  • Repairing holes in the foundation, and waterproofing it

  • Sealing around electrical outlets in the concrete floor

  • Backfilling the area dug up

  • Ripping out the ruined calcutta marble floor

  • French drains and strategic landscaping to route the water away from the house towards the back of the property.

  • Interior Painting, and Exterior Painting/Siding Repair

  • Electrical being updated

  • Flooring replaced with radiant heat flooring

  • Windows Resealed/Caulked

  • Update Recreation area and add a Golf Simulator, and sofa table with chairs

Property Details

Foundation Repairs & French Drains


PA Home Renovations & Sullivan Lawn and Landscape

Property Location

Mclean, Virginia

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