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Lucy Moments

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

What do you call your mistakes? Let's be honest we all make them. We are all human and mistakes are a natural part of life. It is impossible to maintain perfection 100% of the time.

I call my mistakes Lucy Moments. Yes I named my mistakes after Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy.


I've learned over the years that I can either laugh at my mistakes and use them to grow, or I can get hung up on my mistakes and lack of perfection and allow them to run my life.

When looking for people, vendors, contractors to work with, I tend to gravitate towards those that can own their mistakes and have a laugh about it.

I'm going to let you in on a pretty defining moment in my life where I had a big "Lucy Moment" aka mistake.

Many years ago when I worked for a plumbing company it was my duty to do the initial intake for customers and schedule their appointments. This customer wanted to replace her existing water heater with a larger 75g one. I took the call, schedule the appointment dispatched the plumbers etc. But I forgot to ask one very important question: What was the space size for where her new water heater was going to go? Uh Oh!

Fast forward to the plumbers arriving, and try as hard as they could but the 75g tank wouldn't fit. They had to go back to the shop pick up the smaller tank, try and return the 75g one, haul it back and then do the install.

This Lucy moment of mine ended up costing the company money, time, materials, and got me in hot water with the boss. Yikes!

But from this I also learned valuable lessons:

1. Being thorough and asking all the questions from the beginning could have saved me time and the company money.

2. I can honestly say I've NEVER made that mistake again. I stick to the measure 2x cut or install once method.

3. I actually have a pretty valuable tribe of Ethel's backing me up, encouraging me, and in some instances making these Lucy moments happen right along side me and learning with me.

You might be surprised to know, but I am on good terms with that customer and still keep in contact with her to this day and we still have a chuckle about this incident.

So what do you call your mistakes and are you ready to avoid some costly ones in your project? Schedule a free project call today Let us know in the comments.

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