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Brisk Gallop - Part One - Pre Construction

We're so excited to see our Brisk Gallop project take off this month, and love this design by A project of this magnitude takes careful planning including coordinating with your local municipality in regards to permitting, impervious material allotment, and where gas lines can and can not be run.

The homeowners want to turn their boring backyard into an oasis their kids and family can enjoy for years to come.

Our clients had this house built. and while we were waiting for the closing, we managed a dance of walkthroughs for trade meetings, and design consultations to set the stage for their project. Whether you envision a chic powder room revamp or a jaw-dropping outdoor oasis the pre-construction phase is where the magic begins.

We're right around the corner from breaking ground. Our clients had a few must haves on their list for this backyard: For the pool they want 40' long with a depth minimum of 7', a spa attached and a shallow "beach"area for lounge chairs. For the rest of the back yard, multi use space, outdoor kitchen to include a gas grill, and a firepit.

Picture this: several walkthroughs, each crucial in unraveling the intricacies of your project like: researching impervious material allotment from the city, permitting requirements, maximum size of the pool you can fit, etc. You might juggle 3 to 5 trades for a quick powder room facelift, but when you dream big with an entire outdoor living space, get ready to coordinate a symphony of up to ten trades/subcontractors!

Coordinating such a grand production requires finesse, and having a designated project manager or a private representation becomes your secret weapon. They're the maestros behind the scenes, executing schedules, translating contractor jargon into everyday language, safeguarding your budget, and being your unwavering advocate throughout the project.

Follow along with us over the next several weeks as we document all the ups and downs of our Brisk Gallop Project.

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