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Creedmoor - Kitchen Renovation

Updated: Sep 13

Creedmoor Before Picture
Before Picture

This kitchen doesn't have the flow to it and has a lot of DIY work done. To have to walk around the peninsula from sink to stove doesn't make for a user-friendly kitchen. Upon purchasing this house our client immediately asked us to open up a wall and create her dream kitchen. We've partnered with OVC Construction on this project.

This required opening up the load-bearing wall, installing temporary bracing, adding a pier in the crawl space below, and installing a 450-steel beam. Our GC was there every step of the way to ensure that safety measures were in place, and to assist in the lift of getting this in the ceiling.

Support Walls Kitchen Renovation
Support Walls

Enjoy this clip of the beam going in. It really does take a village to get those in place. On this one, we had a crew of 6. The beam went very smoothly, and the support walls came down. Our next step is to finish up the electrical rough-in, and then close up the walls.

Our client doesn't follow the trends. They prefer to think outside the box on design elements and we love that. Follow along over the coming weeks as we start the rebuild stage and help our client love their project.

After Picture of the steel beam in place
Steel Beam

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