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Our Purpose

Sonder Luxe Solutions helps executives manage remodel and renovation projects while staying on time and budget with out scope creep or projects getting out of control/not being completed.   We are a top rated project management company. 


We know Sonder Luxe Solutions will change how your remodel or renovation will run. We bring calm to the choas and we’d love the opportunity to prove it to you. You’re invited to hop on a risk free call.

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Do you prefer to connect with me directly? You can contact me via email or phone at: 
(919) 410-8036

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Michele Wilson


Sonder Luxe Solutions

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"Michele is a force of nature! I am a travel agent, and several years ago, she called me after she had been in her then-current position for only two weeks, to manage a project for a customized international trip for her client and his family. The depth to which, after only two weeks, she understood his personality, style and preferences, and her ability to make (correct) decisions on his behalf was astonishing. She has a vast skill set and boundless energy! I highly recommend Michele and Sonder Luxe Solutions without reservation. At the end of the trip, her client said he had the best vacation he'd ever had and not a single detail was overlooked"

Karen Cooper

Connoisseur Travel Agent

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